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Host Management Services

Pay only from your completed bookings

Bluewebasia puts 15 years of professional experience at the fingertips of
private home owners, at no upfront costs.

Today it is no longer enough to open an account on AirBnB, HomeAway or other booking websites, and then sit and wait for all the guests to show up. These websites have 100.000s of hosts and the demand for quality, guest communication and correct pricing has increased, and with that, the time you need to spend on it. Soon you might ask yourself: should I do this part time, full time or simply outsource the whole thing?

Bluewebasia is specialist in AirBnB management and will work together with you to make you into an AirBnB super host, based on individual assessment of your case.
Partnering with Bluewebasia, you will have time for what you do best: being a 5 star host.

How To Get Started

Meet Our Experts

As Bluewebasia is offering professional services on a commission only basis we always start with an assessment of your property: which opportunities do we see, and how much work does it take to match your expectations. We will then suggest our commission rate which can be as low as 10%, depending on the circumstances. Our work with you might also include creating a website, social media or other booking channels, depending on what is suitable in each individual case.

Creating Your Listing

It is not enough to just add some images and text with practical information. You need to know who your guests are, “Storytelling”, to create images in the minds of your guests, talk to their imagination, find your unique selling points, back up with supporting imagery and a sharp price policy.

Case Story

Case story with a business that went from zero bookings and a looming take over to success, using story telling and imagery that speaks to emotions and imagination.

Business Management

We guarantee to fulfill AirBnB’s requirements and even beyond, such as for example a max. 24 hours response time and a response rate of 100%. As we will have knowledge of your whole rental business, we will communicate with your guests in a personal and friendly way, and lead them all the way to a booking.
For a Comprehensive List of tasks please refer to the front page of our website.

Our goal is to find the best strategy to increase your revenue, and at no upfront costs.

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