About Bluewebasia

Bluewebasia offers professional marketing tools and business development consultancy for small to medium sized hospitality businesses


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About Bluewebasia

Bluewebasia is primarily working with private homes and small to medium sized hospitality businesses in Asia, for example boutique hotels, hostels, and other types of businesses offering holiday accommodation. Our objective is simple: to create more bookings for your business. For that purpose we use a variety of tools, selected to suit your individual business’s needs.

We usually work on a commission only basis, even that model is not always suitable. This means we have confidence in your business and the work we are doing, and that you can be sure we are 100% motivated and focused on your business once we have decided to work with you. We only enter into a cooperation if we are sure we can create results for your business. If you are happy with these results you can choose to continue working with us after the initial contract has expired.

Jack Hansen / Manager

Bluewebasia is a part of the Copenhagen based creative web studio Mobilemaniac.

Phone: +45 36965422 (Local rate). Office hours: 8-12 AM CET, or use the mail form below.

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Hospitality: “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”

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