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Independent Reports

One of the most important investments you can make

Use Bluewebasia’s independent action report to review the performance of your business.

As part of our normal review procedure, we make an internal assessment which is part of our decision whether we should enter a cooperation on a commission only basis. This assessment is also available as a separate, more extensive, independent report that you can order for a fee. You can then use the results of that report to address the issues we find in order to get more bookings to your hotel business. As this will be a more in dept analysis, it might entail interview with staff, access to booking systems, some on-line accounts, and statistics if you have that already.

Our report is independent and we are not promoting any specific solutions or are getting commission from recommending you specific products, like for example booking systems.

With this report you will have an independent, outside specialist view of your hospitality business and its performance, and a valuable tool that will help you get more bookings as a result.

Contents of our report

Statistics & Analytics

We analyze different aspects of your business’s performance and statistics, which can be different from case to case, such as:

  • Statistics from the last few years, if any
  • Performance in Google and other search engines
  • Social media performance
  • Performance in booking channels
  • Are your prices optimized compared to competitors

Usability & Function

Are you missing out on online bookings? Making it easy to book and being sure your website work properly and works on tablets and mobile phones is essential. We are checking things such as:

  • Usability and functionality of the booking process
  • Responsive design/Mobile usability
  • Are your site properly configured with https/SSL?
  • Can guests easily navigate on your website?

Branding & Design

Branding consists of many elements – from marketing to design. When we make a business review we look at 2 main factors: Intent and consistency. Do you have you a well defined brand? Are you consistent with your messaging in all your channels and marketing efforts?
We look at:

  • Consistency of your brand over all your online activities
  • Image quality, logo quality, colors, font types
  • Website quality and how this is reflecting your brand
  • Online reputation, strenghts and weaknesses

Let Bluewebasia make an independent and valuable analysis of your hospitality business.

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